Inclement Weather: 

In times of inclement weather and/or emergencies, the preschool will close when the Stamford Public School is delayed or closed.  Radio broadcasts will begin between 6:00 and 6:30 a.m. over the Stamford Radio Station WSTC and Cable Channel 12 News.

When the public school has a delayed opening, there will be no school.  Snow days will not be added on to the end of the school year. 

Emergency Dismissal:  In the case of an extreme emergency our children will wait for parents in the library/parish hall.


Teachers at the school cannot administer medications. Parents are welcome anytime to come and administer a medication that their child may need.


Students are requested to bring a healthy snack to school each day.  It is the parent’s responsibility to let us know in writing if a child has any allergies or other special nutritional needs.  The application and health forms request this information.


Children will bring in their own lunch in a properly sealed container and the container must have a cold pack.  No “Sippy Cups.”

Toys from Home: 

We ask that you leave your child’s toys at home or in your car.  If an item is brought to school we cannot be responsible for it.  Toy guns and weapons are not allowed at our school.


Children should wear comfortable clothing.  Daily indoor and outdoor activities will include a variety of activities, ranging from painting, water-table play, jumping, climbing, and rolling.  Parents are requested to send the child in rubber, soft-soled shoes.  Open toe and slippery patent leather shoes should stay at home.  In addition:

·      All clothing, including jackets, should be labeled with the child’s name.

·      During the colder winter months, snowsuits, mittens, boots and hats will be required.

·      A complete set of extra clothing (underwear, socks, pants and a top) needs to be left at the school at all times.  We will provide a cubby space to store the extra clothes for the child.  Please note that as the child uses these extra clothes, it is the parent’s responsibility to replenish what was worn.

We will go outside whenever possible and will follow the Stamford Elementary Schools’ decision of whether recess will be indoors or outdoors.  In any case, children will have an opportunity for gross motor play, whether indoors or outside.


The Union Memorial Preschool has a confidentiality policy in place that prohibits teachers and staff from discussing personal student matters with other teachers or staff, except in cases where we are legally bound to share information to authorized individuals.  In addition, we will not share information that parents provide to us, nor will we share any information received as a result of a meeting, referral, or assistance provided through the Family Resource Center.


Developmental Progress:

Staff will observe children to monitor their developmental progress throughout the school year .  These periods of noting development progress will be completed through daily observations the teachers make of the child, the preschool portfolio, and other informal assessment methods. If you wish to schedule a conference with a teacher, please contact the Head Teacher.

If a teacher notices difficulties in the development of a child, the Head Teacher and Director will work together to develop strategies to help the child in the area of concern.  This information will be passed on to the parents for discussion and appropriate referral.  The parent will be kept appraised of any information, suggestions, or referrals regarding the child’s development throughout the progress.


Written documentation will be posted providing information about the children’s school day.  A newsletter will be sent home weekly providing information about the theme the children are exploring and activities they are doing in the classroom each week.  This newsletter will also be posted on the hallway communication board.

An informational form will be sent home with each child, this form will provide basic information about the child’s abilities, and has a space in which your child will complete an activity.  Please review this information to get an idea of your child’s daily activities and snack/lunch eaten.

In addition, the preschool teachers are also available at drop-off and pick-up times to answer and discuss general questions and issues.  We ask that during these general meeting times, you refrain from discussing your child in front of your child.  Should you have questions or concerns that need to be addressed, please make an appointment to speak with the teacher.  Conversely, the teacher will also contact the parent/caregiver with any concerns that she may have regarding the child.  Finally, parent-teacher conferences are held twice per school year to review the child’s progress in preschool.  There will also be a final opportunity to meet with the teacher in June to discuss your child’s overall yearly progress.

At the beginning of the school year, you will be asked to fill out an index card with your contact information as well as emergency contact information.  In the event of illness, crisis, or other reason to reach you, it is imperative that you keep this information correct and current.  Please understand that in the event that we cannot reach you, after a period of time we reserve the right to notify the proper authorities of our inability to contact a parent, guardian, or emergency contact.

Staff Policy Regarding Discipline: 

We at Union Memorial Preschool provide discipline in a positive way.  Inappropriate behavior is discouraged in ways that help to prevent the development of a negative self-image.  We insist that no child be allowed to physically harm another child.  We use a positive guidance, redirection and set clear limits.  There is always continuous supervision by staff at these times.

Grievance process: 

There may be a time when you are unhappy or dissatisfied with some aspect of the preschool classroom or program. If this situation should occur, we encourage you to communicate this information to the appropriate member of the Preschool program.  Please bring any concerns to the Head Teacher first, and if the problem is not resolved, speak with the Director of the program. 

Parental Involvement and access to programs:

Statistically, studies have proven that the more involved parents are in their children’s education, the more successful their children are throughout school and beyond.  We welcome parents’ participation in our program and hope parents will include their interests on our volunteer sheet.  Parents are welcome at our school anytime. 

We will make every effort to ensure that you have the best preschool experience possible.  If at any time we can be of additional service to you, please contact the Director.  We want you to know that you are a part of our Church School Family.