For more than one hundred and twenty years the Union Memorial Church has provided a committed witness for  Jesus Christ in Stamford. In the late 1880s three Sunday School classes for children meeting in the vicinity  merged to form a union Sunday School. Within a few  years this cooperative effort expanded and, through the generosity of Francis Palmer, the organizers purchased property in Glenbrook, where they erected a chapel as a memorial to the late Mrs. Palmer. Hence, when the congregation officially incorporated in June of 1896, they selected the name, Union Memorial Church. In keeping with the original vision of uniting Christians, the Church has purposefully maintained a welcoming and inclusive outlook. As our original Constitution declared, all “who love the Lord Jesus in sincerity and truth by whatever name they may be called” are still welcomed. The Tiffany Stained Glass window (above) was given by Ella Francis Phillips (1853-1937) in 1934 in memory of her late husband Dr. Charles E. Phillips (1851-1923)

This hospitable tradition was affirmed by our congregation’s decision in 1989 to affiliate with The United Church of Christ denomination, which itself was a union of four different Protestant faith traditions.